About speed ventures

Speed Ventures is one of the largest recreational motorsports organizations in the U.S. Over the past 15 years, Speed Ventures has introduced tens of thousands of drivers to the sport of road-racing, hosting events all year round on the best race tracks in California, Nevada, and beyond. Speed Ventures hosts practice and test-days, a performance driving school for beginners, time trial competitions, and wheel-to-wheel racing.

No experience is required to enjoy a Track Day Experience! If you are a beginner, their instructors will teach you everything you need to know and get you started with two medium-speed lead/follow sessions so you can get comfortable. Then you'll have two more full-speed sessions in the afternoon to practice what you've learned!



The Offer

$30 off your first track day

*Pricing ranges from $149-$199 per day—instruction and other extras are available at an additional charge

The Promo Code

Enter THEMOTORINGCLUB in the Discount Code box when you register online. Speed Ventures will deduct the amount before charging your credit card. *Note that the promo code won’t deduct the $ at time of checkout, it will be deducted after complete.

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